Hon’ne Magazine Vol.2

Hon'ne is a quarterly magazine on fashion and culture. We hope the inauguration of this magazine will bring together some like-minded friends and create a platform to publish their works and share their thoughts.

We're honored to have worked with the Hon'ne team, on their layout settings and editorial design.

Client: Hon’ne
Interview & Editorial: Dani Chong
English Translation: Cliff Wu
Photography: Savia Chan
Video Production: Nick Cheuk, WaiLam Or
Layout & Graphic Design: Billy Cheung, Dani Chong, Chan Man Sing, C.Hong, Emily Lau, Wingyee To
Contributors: Dani Chong, Savia Chan, Jing Wong, Yola Hung Makeup, Winky Wong, Adam, Chillie Ng, Nicoline Aagesen, Mr. BoyBoy, Cloris Ng, Cliff Wu, Nick Cheuk, Wai Lam Or, Beverly Jane Maxwell, Jessie Ng, Siuyuett, Billy Cheung, Chan Man Sing, C.Hong, Emily Lau, Wingyee To, Lup, Caj, Cowrice, Joe Kwan, Michelle Chan, Quist Tsang, Renatus Wu, Summer Rain, Vincent Chan, Wong Sze Chit

Design Strategy + Creative Direction

Design Strategy + Creative Direction

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